Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How I Packed | My Purse

Hey y'all! Life has been so awesomely busy for me lately (you may have gathered that from the infrequency of posts)! I'm hoping to get around to an Awk+Awe post this week to catch y'all up on what's been going on-- cow warts to hipster festivals to buying houses and everything in between-- but we'll have to see. Tomorrow I'm headed back to Bristol, TN to see the skirt sample L.C.King has ready for me, so today I needed to clean out my purse and thought I'd share that experience with you.

This is the stuff of life, y'all. ;)

This is my bag. I love it. It's just a simple goes-with-everything cross-body small purse that holds a surprising amount of stuff.  I've taken a picture of what I cleared out of each pocket. First pocket was a Pacifica lip tinta friend gave me and a some change.

 Next pocket I apparently didn't have anything but a little baggie of medicine (Aller-Tec, ibuprofen, Tylenol). I think I usually have like 3 chapsticks in there but I've been accidentally leaving those around the house instead of returning them. :P

 The big top pocket had quite a bit of junk that just accumulates, y'know? Nail clippers, a barrette I've never used, foundation, Burts Bees lip balm, hand cream, a nail file, lip pencil, lipstick, checkbook thing, Starbucks gift cards, my expired passport (thought I might need another form of ID to open a business account last week), receipts, broken jewelry, more change, a big ol' ring, and a Longhorn pin that was my great grandmother's. Why it's still in my purse from last August I have no idea.

 In the back pocket I found a fistful of bobby pins + hair stuff, more change, trash, another lip product, and a pack of gum. I know this has got to be a thrilling blog post so far. ;)

 Back to the very front pocket, I pulled out my cards, receipts, a safety pin, lots more change, and a little cash.

 Now that everything was cleared out, I put back in what I needed to and put the rest away. Here's what I put back into each pocket. First, I filed the receipts, threw the trash away, and returned my cards to the front pocket (I'm a real adult, y'all-- I have my own Costco card. ;)). I then put all the loose change into our church building fund jar, except for the quarters. Never know when you're going to have to use a parking meter or buy an emergency water from a vending machine. ;)

 I returned to the smallest pocket the best of the bobby pins, the pills, a single lip balm, a lipstick (not the lip liner though) and the nail clippers. I put the rest of the makeup/lip stuff away in my make-up basket. I plan on keeping my The Healthy Farm Girl lip balm in there instead of Burt's Bees Lip Balm when I retrieve it from the car I left it in... :p

In the back pocket I put only a pack of gum. If y'all have brand suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm not a fan of this Wrigley's. :D I threw away the unhealthy hand cream I had in there and will be looking for a purse-friendly natural hand cream. Until then, I'll be using my The Healthy Farm Girl lotion bar! Hopefully a review will be coming soon, because I love and can't wait to rant about it. ;)

To the main pocket, I added back a few things that had migrated away in the last few weeks; a pair of sunglasses, a phone charger, frankincense oil, and the nail file. Since having a pair of sunglasses for each car is a little difficult to keep track of, just keeping a pair in my purse works out well for me. The frankincense oil has been a life-saver as I've had Lymes die-off effects. Rubbing it on my joints where it aches really helps take the pain away for a bit, so that's pretty awesome. It also is great for headaches!

Picking my purse back up, it was so much lighter with hardly anything in it! Minimalism has been more my style lately and the lessened neck strain and thin silhouette is faaaaabulous! Now I can fill it up with receipts and more random junk. :D Oh, just remembered I need to stick my pocket knife back in there, too.

Hoping y'all aren't totally bored by now, lol. What's in your purse that you can't live without? Anything I should think about adding? Are you a big purse lady or a wristlet type of girl? 


  1. I used to be a small purse/no purse girl, but now that I have kids I have to lug around diapers, wipes, sippy cups, cheerios, toys etc:) My diaper bag is a super stylish (not!) Winnie the Pooh bag that is over 2 years old. I guess it has served its purpose well and should probably be retired soon.

  2. What a cute purse, Olivia! I love it! I tend to be more of a "huge purse" gal, but I enjoy smaller purses as well!

  3. I love your purse! I have one that's very similar and I hardly use any of my other ones. Small purses remind me that I don't actually have to carry all that stuff with me that fits in a big purse! :)

    Stop by and check out my new blog!

  4. I have always been a purse gal, I tried the whole wristlet thing out - but it got old keeping track of it! Just my preference though! In my purse I also carry hand sanitizer(on the go one doesn't always have access to a sink!), but now I also have a couple additions in mind for my purse! I normally carry around Lavender for sinus headaches, and TUMS for the occasional heartburn. I am glad to know Frankincense is good for joint pain, I know it is amazing stuff - I just need to fork over the money for it!! :D Sorry my thoughts are all over the place here....also LOVE the purse!!!!

  5. This was a really interesting post. It satisfied my nosy self. I am definitely a huge purse girl, as in giant purses. I try to keep things organized and fairly light. I second the hand sanitizer and tums comment! I also like to keep a keychain flash light in my purse. (Maglite Solitaire is my personal preference,) If you're looking for a new gum, the tropical trident..the one in the orange package is delicious. If you like sour, the cranberry lime has a wonderfully tart taste!

  6. I LOVE handbag posts! I always carry a water bottle with me so I used to be a big handbag person but then I scaled back to a small cross-body bag with multiple pockets that magically fit everything.

    Unfortunately the strap broke so now I'm back to a tote bag. At first I missed having pockets, but now I carry a cosmetic bag inside (along with everything else) with touch up make up so I don't have to dig around too much to find stuff.

    ~Esther of Oz

    Then the strap broke

  7. Love this post.....and I have that EXACT SAME Eiffel Tower key chain! :D

    Feminine Modesty

  8. That is such a cute purse! I tend to be a bog purse kinda' gal. We share most of the same purse esstentials...can't go anywhere without my chapstick or sunglasses!

  9. I use a Thai bag given to me by a missionary. It's medium size as far as purses go. Certainly not a wristlet, but not one of those suitcase style purses some ladies lug around either! My wallet, kindle, chapstick, and a book are my staples.

    Also, my dad has Lymes so your comment about Frankincense Oil grabbed my attention. Any tips on where to do more research about it and where to buy some?

  10. I have never been a purse girl, so since I went to Russia in '10 I have used a backpack. I keep my lighter Bible, photo books, camera, note book, money, and first aid kit in it. I can use it for clothes for short trips, too. It also collects things my siblings don't want to carry when we go somewhere. :)

  11. What a cute purse! Isnt it amazing how much a little one can carry!!! thanks for sharing- now Im going to go clean out mine!!



  12. This was really interesting, seeing what accumulated into your purse. :-) It's neat to see what other girls put in theirs, since I'm usually only ever in my own or my mom's. ;-)

    I am loving the healthy lip balms and the frankensence oil. We've beenaking strides to be more natural and organic around our home, so I smiled at those products. I'll have to check out "The Healthy Farm Girl"!

    Lastly, to answer your questions posed at the end, in my purse, you'll find my wallet (money, gift cards, permit, library card), a small pouch with business cards, a pen, feminine products, a small bible, hand sanitizer, a small mirror, a few extra bobby pins, a small hair brush, an extra hair tie, Burt's Bees lip balm, band aides, nail clippers, a pack of tissues, and, when I'm carrying it, my phone.

    I need to add a little, well-sealed container of coconut oil for " just in case" purposes.

    Also, I've always been a smaller purse carrying girl.

    Enjoyed this post, Olivia!

  13. You asked about different brands of gum...our family has tried many brands throughout the years, but we've always come back to Trident. It is sugar-free and lasts longer than any other we've ever tried. Plus, the packages come with a lot more gum sticks in it than many other brand! I would highly recommend it! Just thought you'd like to know:)

  14. I've been using a rather large denim bag for awhile, but I'm thinking it's time to downsize!

    My favorite gum is Orbit Sweetmint. :)

  15. I have always been a "bigger is better" type of woman. In fact, I have two very nice leather backpacks I use when cycling to and from work. Not polite little fashion-type things, I mean BACKPACKS! In winter, I tend to go for cross-body satchels, the same style as yours but at least twice the size.We have such good taste! Although, since I have started driving instead of bus-walking, I find I don't mind a dinky (by my standards) shoulder bag now and again. I need keys (house, work, volunteer building, and now car), wallet, makeup kit including painkilers, ladystuff etc, glasses case, chequebook, hairbrush, and breathmints. Then I add in lunch and whatever else I want for that day \ evening.

  16. You're awesome for squeezing in a blog post for us all amidst all your business when you don't even have to! Can't wait for the A+A post if you can do it :)
    I usually don't like to carry my purse around when I'm going somewhere when I don't have to, I just bring a wallet, but when I do have to, the thing in it right now that I probably can't live without would probably be my wallet or hand cream. I love your purse! Brown leather is so awesome and it matches everything. Where did you get it?

  17. I'm defiantly a big purse girl lol I have a wallet a planner a first aid kit and so much more

  18. I'm a big purse kinda girl I carry a diaper bag as my purse (lol) but I always have a planner wallet books and so much other stuff in my bag

  19. Bored? No way! Call me weird, but I actually like seeing what other people carry in their purses. :-P

    I second JoshuaandMegan Kaiser's mention of hand sanitizer. It's a dirty world out there, and one can't always wash up. I got an eye infection off a shopping cart when I was nineteen that took six years to fully heal...so now I'm a bit OCD about germs, and hand sanitizer is my best friend! Don't leave home without it....

    Re: Gum: My family generally like Wriggley's sugar-free in mint flavors (although I like their Classic Bubble and watermelon, too). Trident is also a tasty brand, but the pieces of gum are a lot smaller.

    Hope this was helpful, and thanks for sharing!
    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  20. Super!!!! I only have a wallet....easier for me to carry. I can't seem to find a purse that I like and that fits my style. I like casual, but not too flashy but yet stylish. You can tell I"m picky.....:)))

  21. Seriously, this post was NOT AT ALL boring, Olivia! It's fun to see what you put in your handbag. :-)
    Thanks for the interesting post!

  22. I like seeing what other people have in their purses too!!! I like medium size purses especially because they can easily hold a spiral notebook. I LOVE making lists!!!! I think that you ought to put a pen in your purse, I didn't see one in there. One will never know when you need to make a note. (on anything). I have a pocket knife too. (actually two) I am the only girl in our homeschool group who has one. No matter, I go against the flow :). I love my Pink Lemonade toothpick!! its a life saver. I love your blog, Olivia , thank you for sharing.~ Kelly

  23. Has anyone ever tried Coolibar swimwear? It's not the most modest but there are nice swim shirts and a couple skirts.


  24. I always carry a tiny Bible. It's just 3.5 by 5 inches and even though I have a Bible app on my phone, searching for stuff on there is pretty annoying. I also can't live without my planner :D

  25. Hey, Olivia; is that a miniature Eiffel Tower key chain hanging from your purse? I have one almost exactly like it that I got while I was in Paris a few years ago. The difference is that mine isn't shiny, two of the legs are broken off (I call it a bi-ffel tower now; yes, I know, that's a terrible pun) and mine is spattered with purple pottery glaze because my jewellery teacher knocked the jar off trying to tighten the stone-set wire on my ring. :)

  26. Also, I don't carry a purse unless it's absolutely necessary. My wallet with my driver's license and cards fits in my left front pocket, my earbuds and chapstick in my right front pocket, flashdrive and bobby pins in the small pocket of my jeans, and my iPod touch goes in my left back pocket. When I don't have pockets, I carry my license and iPod in my boot. Anyone else ever tried that? It's a really handy place to store things, lol. :)

  27. I am a total big purse kind-o-girl. I have everything i think somebody might need in there. Here's my list:

    -Gum (Orbit and Trident are my faves)
    -A gallon size zip-top bag that holds all kind of medical supplies, including
    -Ointment (neosporin)
    -Anti-Itch Cream
    -Ibuprofen, AM and PM
    -Vicks Vapo-Rub (small jar)
    - lots of other things!
    -an umbrella
    -lip balms (EOS, Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots)
    -a small sewing kit in a small cloth zip-bag
    -feminine pads in a small cloth zip-bag
    -ponytails and bobby pins
    -a wallet with cash and cards
    -small mirror

    I'm probably leaving things out, but that's the jist anyway. And I always buy purses in neutral colors, since they go with everything. I agree with previous commenters too - loved your post!

  28. It always makes me feel better about myself seeing someone else's purse become a catch-all for random crap, too.

  29. Try L'Occitane hand cream. It is wonderful. Or check out humblebee and me. They have lots of good lotion tutorials,

  30. In my teeny tiny Michael kors purse that my other half got me for Christmas, I have:
    A covergirl pressed powder
    Oil absorbing sheets
    A Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer
    A Maybelline mascara,
    A L'Occitane pocket sized hand cream
    A MAC lipstick,
    My debit card,
    My license,
    Different business cards,
    A pen,
    Some change,
    CVS, petsmart, petco, and other membership cards,
    Car/house keys,
    And my phone,


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