Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life | Right Now {2nd Edition}

Hey y'all! I've SO missed chatting with you all these last few weeks as I've had to use my time on other things! I have so many ideas for posts and tutorials and topics to cover, but I'm having to be patient as I work on Fresh Apparel instead! (Not that it's a bad trade... ;) 

{Selfie taken at LC King Manufacturing a few weeks ago to pick up my skirt sample!}
Thought I'd pop in for one of these fun "" posts today. I did this back at the end of January and figured now would be a good time for another one! :)

Right now I am....

Seeing... my brother still in his PJ's at noon.
Hearing... 80's pop radio still playing from our morning kitchen clean up/dance session.
Smelling... peas cooking in bacon grease.
Tasting... peanut butter I licked off my fingers from scraping the jar clean.
Needing... to get the Kickstarter video done. And blogging. And bedroom cleaning. 
Wanting... to have boundless energy 
Regretting... slamming on the breaks while driving earlier. 50# of tapioca flour rammed into the back of my seat, launching fine powder all over the car.
Feeling... the effects of sleeping in.
Wishing... business wasn't so complicated.
Thinking... about all I would do with Fresh Modesty if I had the time.
Laughing... at the silly senior pictures my sisters took.
Recovering... from an insane schedule. I don't know if "recovering" is the right word since I'm still in the throes of it... ;)
Believing... that the Lord will give clear direction.
Anticipating... things are only going to get crazier.
Dreaming... about a month from now.
Praying... for endurance.
Reading... Entreleadership.

Singing... "Friday" by Rebecca Black to the tune of "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Yeah.
Wearing... super long jeans (was wearing heels), a blue and orange print babydoll top, and no make-up. 
Preparing... for launching Fresh Apparel's Kickstarter!
Remembering... how awful I felt a few weeks ago due to Lymes and thanking the Lord that's not affecting me at the moment.
Trying... to get this done so I can get the Kickstarter video done!
Questioning... how in the world I am on the verge of starting my own clothing line.
Fearing... that I'll waste precious moments.
Loving... my incredible friends.
Googling... *looks at history*... quotes on sleep.
Choosing... to let some things go.
Working... on everything at once.
Emailing... nobody. I'm so behind.
Sewing... velcro to a 10' banner.
Texting... a friend about Fresh Apparel getting 700 likes in the first day.
Cracking... my neck every 6 minutes.
Considering... blogging about the things I'm hoping to order from Forever21.
Turning... the doorknob for the kids because it's broken and hard to open.
Biting... my nails.
Reducing... the quantity of clothes I have.
Longing... to get a sunburn.
Suffering... from little drive, little sleep, and little time.
Recognizing... that I love biting off more than I can chew.
Checking... my email for affiliate confirmations.
Organizing... my denim samples.
Practicing... smiling for the camera.
Reckoning... I should make another pot of coffee.
Smiling... about how blessed I am by all of you. Really. 

I hope y'all have an awesome Thursday! What are your answers to some of these? Y'all have been so kind to comment on the new blog look! It's still under construction, but I'm liking how much cleaner it feels. :) Blessings!


  1. your new design is looking neat! :)

  2. Sounds like your life is crazy right now! I can't wait to see the skirts! :) I LOVE the new design!

  3. I definitely love the new blog look! I can't wait to see how everything works with Fresh Apparel. I'm so excited for you!

  4. Shouldn't that be SUNTAN? lol Fun! <3

  5. ;) sounds fun!
    Excited to see your new skirt line!
    A modest fashion blog:

  6. Ugg..I hope your schedule clears up and you have time to relax! Congrats anyways on the progress of Fresh Apparel!!

  7. I'm sooo excited about Fresh Apparel!!!!!

    Olivia, I see you have The Healthy Farm Girl as a sponsor. Do you know if they sell facial cleaning wipes? I used Burt's Bees wipes and they made me break out. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions for different brands?
    Thanks, Moriah

  8. Like how you organized your thoughts in this fashion!


  9. Loving the look of your blog! This was a fun post to read :) I'm excited for your business adventure!

  10. Fun and funny post and cute blog design!!!!!

  11. Oh, so enjoyed this post, Olivia!

    Just some random comments that came to mind while reading thru the "'s" :

    • the selfie is too adorbs
    • the peanut butter thing reminded me... I've tried this new PB that's natural {GMO free, gluten free, etc.} that is wonderful! I know you're into natural foods, so just thought I'd mention that. ;)
    • oh yes. owning one's own business is SO complicated. oy. ugh. grrr.
    • I too have been having to believe that the Lord will give clear direction. Trust + faith are choices, most assuredly.
    • looking forward to the kick starter. :)
    • I really admire you for making this leap of faith. starting a clothing line seems like it would be daunting, at least at first, and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes you in this!
    • 700 likes in the first day? wow. that's wonderful!
    • woild love to hear/see/read about how you're reducing your clothes amount. when you have the time. ;)


  12. Your blog looks fantastic! Can't wait for the kickstarter campaign! :D

  13. Love this! You are so pretty! You remind me of the actress Billie Piper :D I love the new design!

  14. What a fun post and cute selfie! :) It will be exciting to see what happens with Fresh Apparel. Praying you get some rest. :)

  15. Life sounds so crazy! But it was so wonderful to hear from you! :D The blog looks great! Praying that all goes according to His plan! <3

  16. Seeing...overcast skies
    Hearing...."I Turn To You" by Selah
    Smelling....fresh air
    Needing...Quiet time( which I'm getting right now!) go to Myrtle Beach
    Regretting...staying up till 11:15 p.m. the past 2 nights
    Feeling...happy and glad that Jesus is my Savior
    Wishing...that I could see my little friend from our mission today
    Thinking...about what to make for lunch
    Laughing... at a "comedy show" we had a few Thursday ago at our mission while the adults had a meeting
    Recovering...from little sleep and a cold
    Believing...God will make the best choices for my life
    Anticipating....going to the skating rink tonight! :)
    Dreaming...about things to do at the mission in the future
    Praying...for my friend
    Reading...Growing Up Duggar by Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar
    Singing... "Voice Of Truth" Casting Crowns
    Wearing...bright yellow shorts and tye dye shirt go ride my horse for a few hours
    Remembering....all my fondest memories hurry and type so I can fix lunch:)
    Questioning... if I should ask if a friend can spend the night friend will have to go back to CA
    Loving... the life God gave me! :)
    Considering...making tuna for lunch... see my cousins
    Smiling....because God has done so much for me!

  17. Yay! I love these posts! They're so much fun to read.

    Seeing... my brother curling up on the floor.
    Hearing... shouts from outside.
    Tasting... the grapes I just ate.
    Needing... to see my friends.
    Wanting... to read all the Anne of Green Gables books and throw my brother a surprise party for his 16th b-day next month. and I'd love a babysitting job if I can find an opportunity.
    Wearing... a neon green t-shirt, grey cargo bermuda shorts, and a braid.
    Feeling... pretty darn blessed and happy, despite all the insignificant details that I might wish to be some other way... it's all good because it's all His will.
    Wishing... I had everything figured out. Sadly, that might just never be the case.
    Working... on crocheting a toy octopus for my new cousin.
    Organizing... my "junk" drawer.
    Reading... Anne of Windy Poplars.
    Choosing... to jog longer than I usually do today.
    Praying... for clearness and peace of mind and self-control.
    Anticipating... my uncle visiting us tomorrow, the craziness of summer play rehearsals, parties, birthdays, graduations, and summer jobs (not mine) that are to greet us come June. but also very much looking forward to it all.
    Loving... this weather and exercising.
    Practicing... the dance I'm in for the summer musical we're participating in, rehearsals starting Monday. D:

    That pic is just so exciting!! God Bless!!

    1. Things I'm doin':

      Seeing...My cows and dogs going CRAZY
      Hearing... My little bro and sis play, loudly =)
      Tasting... Absolutly nothin'
      Needing... The Lords forgiveness (CHECK!)
      Wearing... A ugly pink tank top and sweat pants and a braid
      Feeling... TIRED (we've been doing house work and getting crib and dresser setup for two weeks! (my moms past her due date... Waiting!)
      Wishing... I could fall asleep, but sadly, sleep apnea
      Working... on cleaning the house
      Organizing... My room, or at least trying
      Reading... Elsies Holidays at Roselands, Elsie Dinsmore is BEST SERIES EVER!!!
      Choosing... To eat all the whipped cream or no
      Praying... To keep my brothers safe as they fly to Virgina and Texas
      Anticipating.. My new little brother or sister!!!! I want a girl, But honestly I just want it to be Healthy, but if the baby could be healthy and a girl I wouldnt mind that... AT ALL!
      Loving... Summer!
      Practicing... Keeping my temper down D=

      God Bless Y'all and Keep Y'all!


    2. Emily Froula, I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables books. :) Rilla of Ingleside, the last one, is really good, so you should definitely read them all. :)

  18. So fun to read these, Olivia! And singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" to Justin Bieber's "Baby"--oh WOW. I tried it just now and totally cracked up.

    Thank you for being such a blessing and encouragement to us all! Your love for the Lord is truly wonderful :)


  19. Awesome!!! I love these posts and I did one too (a few months ago...) :

  20. Where can I get your blog button?


    1. I'll probably sound sort of stupid but, whats a Blog Button?


  21. Love Fresh Modesty's new "fresh" look!
    ~Grace P.

  22. I'm so glad to see your blog it had been a little while, I can see you are super busy, that's great though I can't wait Fresh Modesty I love the look and can't wait to place my order. I also Lived the type of post you did it's cute and creative and it made me think of those things for myself. I'm keeping you in my prayers during your crazy time right now. God bless!!!

  23. Enjoyed your post! I can so relate with being busy, not starting a clothing line but will soon be moving across the country to be a nanny! Exciting stuff!

  24. Love the outfit! I got the same (or REALLY REALLY close) flip flops at Wal Mart for $5. The colour of the shirt is really great; I love it.

  25. Would love to hear about your Forever21 shopping spree!! =) And can't wait for Fresh Apparel!


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