Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer of Dresses | Photographing A Wedding

Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely 4th of July weekend! My Friday involved helping at a farm, blogging, photographing a wedding, running around town, and relaxing with friends late into the evening... er, morning. 

I had a bright, summery dress picked out to wear to the wedding, but after finding out I would be photographer, I opted to fall back on my new favorite black dress and sandals, seen {here} on the blog recently. I needed a way to dress it up a little, so I added this adorable headband, also previously blogged {here}

// outfit details //
Shoes: Payless: $12.50: (Get them here! On clearance)
Headband: c/o Deborah & Co.
Earrings: Gift
Bow ring: GroopDealz: $3

How was your 4th of July? I got some comments about not wearing patriotic colors... but I was just really feeling the coral. For the evening activities I swapped into a long coral shirt and jeans with this headband and shoes. Anyway, what did you wear? How did you spend your 3 day weekend? 


  1. What a lovely way to dress for photographing a wedding on Independence Day!! The dress is so flattering on you. We attended three different parties each day of the weekend and to each one I wore at least one patriotic color, so you're definitely not alone; I just couldn't not ;) We saw lots of fireworks, had a bunch of good food, and got to swim a lot and each party was a blast and something to remember.

  2. I wore a Captain America shirt, a pair of cropped jeans and red patterned flats. :) We had a birthday party for my little brother (3) that day as well so I had to wear something that was kid-friendly as in I could actually bend over modestly and wrestle with kids or scoop up babies, haha!

    1. I wore Captain America and red shoes too! Twinsies!

    2. Captain America for the win! ^__^

  3. Lol, I spent my weekend in dirty work clothes! We got our garage all cleaned up, cleaned out, and organized, though, as well as work done of the yard and house, so it was worth it. :)

    Not glamorous, but my athletic capris, t-shirts, and tennis shoes got the jobs done!

  4. Beautiful outfit, like the coral "pop".
    I wore my favorite ruffle tank from target, in red and a denim cabi skirt. It was perfect for the hot weather!

  5. I'm glad you didn't go with the all black attire. The blue looks much more elegant!
    P.S. We spent our weekend touring Lookout Mountain(Chattanooga, TN) and watching town fireworks! I wore jean capris and a US flag t-shirt from my mom. How unAmerican that I don't have a shirt of my own!

  6. In your defense That dress looks navy blue which (last time I checked) can be considered a Patriotic color! ;) Looks great! <3

  7. Cute outfit! The dress + sandals + headband go nicely together! :)

  8. I like it, Olivia! I wore a red blouse, dark wash jeans, a blue-stoned choker necklace, and white flats for the Fourth. I was forcing myself to wear only red, white, and blue :)

    dance a real

  9. Cute outfit, that headband and those shoes really compliment each other!
    I wore a red white and blue plaid shirt tied over a white tee, jeans rolled into capris, and navy flats. We had a good time relaxing, eating, and watching fireworks with family and friends.
    God bless!

  10. Hi!
    My 4th of July was great! I wore a starry skirt, and a t shirt. We put off fireworks too! it was lots of fun! :-)
    ~ Katie

  11. How is Fresh Apparel coming? We haven't had an update in a long time!

  12. Love the pops of color in this outfit :) Do you have a photography website/blog/fb page? I'd love to see your work! Blessings!

  13. love the dress!!
    so...do we get to see the picures from the wedding you shot? {hint, hint...}

  14. hey Olivia, don't feel bad I didn't wear patriotic colors either, it seems like I never have red and white, AND blue all in my closet at the same time, and anyway, nobody cares what you are wearing anymore (passerbys anyway) its like mixing gold and silver jewelry. so wear what you want! blessings, Kelly M.

  15. The dress is so beautiful and really compliment your eyes! And you are sort of wearing patriotic colors, coral is sort of red, isn't it? xx

  16. Thank you so much for covering the photography for us! It was such a blessing. I'm so glad you got some shots of Garrert too. He was a hoot playing with his tie and ring box!

  17. Wow!! You are so pretty. :)
    For Fourth of July, my grandparents, siblings and I went to Fowlerville to see fireworks! :O They were fan-tas-tic!


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