Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post Ideas Needed!

Hey y'all! I want to make sure that the content I provide here on Fresh Modesty is encouraging, relevant, and a blessing. So to that end, would you mind taking a moment to fill out this form and just let me know how I can better serve the community here? Thank you so much, I really appreciate!


  1. I loved filling this out! I'm so happy you take the time to ask your readers ideas. It's so kind of you :) I love reading your blog/seeing your outfits!

    dance a real

  2. I like when you do hair tutorials!

  3. Could you do some for girls who dress for their special friend, or husband?

    1. Even though I don't have a 'special freind'(and don't want one) I think it would be very interesting


  4. It would be nice if you showed us how you match your clothes pls:)


  5. I'd appreciate information on matching headcoverings to outfits, how to style hair to mesh with a covering, and such. I'm new to covering and have no support group- thus no ideas group. :P

  6. More CC ideas! I read your post with the lilac skinny jeans (LOVE it) but would like more carrying ideas!


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