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Friends of Fresh Modesty | September

 Hey y'all! I'm so excited to be starting up Friends of Fresh Modesty again! It's been so long that I have entries from last summer to share with you! So, without further ado...

Hey! I'm Chels, and I'm thrilled to be sharing an outfit here with
y'all! I live in the lovely state of Iowa with my big, happy family of
twelve. I'm a country girl that loves Jesus, writing, reading, coffee,
thrifting, traveling, and making music! I work part-time as a
photographer/blogger, and part-time as a secretary for my family's
music ministry. ( In between I stay
busy working on the farm, helping out at my church, cooking for my
brothers, and touring with my family's band. I blog about photography,
life, fashion, and controversial subjects, over at
Do stop by and visit! =)

Navy Button Down//thrifted $3.29
Khaki Pencil Skirt//thrifted $4.29
Cream Lace Cami//Kohls $9
Navy Canvas Wedge Heels//Platos Closet $6
Necklace & Ring//made by my sister

I love how beautiful this color blue looks on Chelsy! She did a great job keeping the outfit simple in concept, but dramatic with the navy.

Outfit 1
Chambray shirt: Target
Infinity Scarf: American Eagle
Maxi Skirt: JC Penny
Scandals: LuLu' (Highly recommended for shoes ;)
Jewelry: Forever21 

(These notes are from August 2013, fyi)
 Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Baker I am 17 and from California. Firstly let's give a round of applause to Olivia for inspiring us all :). As for myself I'm a public school attending, exercise crazed, Jesus loving, wild child with a fascination for fashion. Unfortunately, I do not have a blog, but I hope to have one someday, when all of my teachers decide to stop giving me mountains of homework to do each night. I have one younger brother and we have both attended public school our entire lives, which can make dressing modestly a bit of a struggle, but I always just turn my eyes to the Lord for encouragement, and he never fails to put things, like the newest trends, into perspective. However this struggle is especially daunting when it's really hot outside, and I mean really hot!!! Try 110 degrees my first day of school, and everyone else looks ready of the beach.  So here comes my trusty white maxi skirt to the rescue. It can make anything look boho chic. Pair with a pair of organic looking sandals and, ooo girl, you look cool, calm, and collected. To transition into winter just add a light jacket, a thicker knitted scarf, some boots, and off you go. 

Outfit 2
Headband: Charming Charlie's 
Jewelry: Forever21
Jacket: JC penny (military jackets also a must have for fall ;)
Blouse: Forever21
Maxi Skirt: JC Penny
Scandals: LuLu'
Tank: Forever21 (not shown)

I am SO impressed with this girl! I cannot imagine the strength it must take to dress modestly in a public school situation and really want to commend you, Rebecca, for that! Wow.
Plus, these outfits are great! I love how she used the same white skirt for two totally different looks. And her accessories choices are perfect. Well done!

 Hi girls! My name is Sayna. I'm just a girl in her mid-teens living in the South Island of New Zealand right in the country with my family of 10 on our small goat/cow/chicken farm.
I blog over at Shining Arrows ( as a sort of magazine, where I journal and aspire to inspire, encourage and motivate others in their walk with Jesus. 

I pulled this striped charcoal/grey shirt from the back of my closet in a frantic search for something to wear, one morning. Then I discovered that I had no skirts that would match the fit/style of this shirt, so I found an unflattering tunic in my 'refashion pile', chopped it off below the arm-scythe and sewed some elastic to the top - easy 5 minute skirt! 
I tried completely tucking in the shirt, but it looked frumpy so I half-tucked it and it instantly made the whole outfit much more flattering. Small changes make all the difference!

Shirt: Heattech Japan (gift)
Skirt: Made by me (free)
Watch: Reguno (borrowed from sister)
Necklace: Stall at a fair ($15)
Oxford Shoes: Maya ($18)

How creative is Sayna?! Love her simple but classy outfit! Yay for quick refashions!

 Hello readers of Fresh Modesty! My name is Charlotte Boyer, and I blog with my sisters over at Boyer Family Singers  Olivia has graciously featured me before in this delightful series, and I am so excited to be able to share with you all once again!

I am typically not one to go for maxi skirts, as I enjoy more of the vintage, mid-century styles. However, as we are getting into the warmer weather, I have become a little obsessed with the bold boho looks of Summer; with which comes that ever practical, modest ankle-length skirt. My stock of maxis is piteously small, so my sister Jessica was very gracious in allowing me to borrow her’s :)

These photos were taken on one of those spontaneously warm, delightful days in Ohio, right at the end of Winter when you are tempted the most to pull out your Summer clothes and prance about in the sun! I paired bold royal blue with bright coral in this ensemble, echoing the delicious warmth and joy of the day in the colors I chose to wear. I further channeled the fun bohemian style through my bold earrings, head wrap, and simple sandals. Although I do adore the ease and creativity of the boho look, I still wanted to keep it clean and classy; so I did that through incorporating my favorite stripe shirt and cardigan.

Skirt // Target (Borrowed from my sister Jessica)
Shirt // Old Navy
Cardigan // Thrifted
Sandals // Payless
Earrings // Target
Scarf // Thrifted

Love love love Charlotte's colors! She, like Rebecca, nailed the maxi-skirt look! Love how she brought together the colors from her cardigan and skirt in her headband!
Thank you, Chelsy, Rebecca, Sayna, and Charlotte for sharing your outfits with us today!

If you would like to submit an outfit for November (I'm already filled for October!) please check out this page for details! What are your favorite aspects of these outfits?


  1. How cool that two of my friends were featured in this post {Chels and Charlotte}!

    Each outfit, like each lady, is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These outfits are ADORABLE! I already follow Charlotte's blog and will have to check out the others :) So glad FOFM is back!!! These girls are so inspirational and beautiful, and Rebecca deserves an extra special shoutout for staying strong in a public school! :)
    Bubbles and blessings,

  3. Yay! Thanks for featuring me, Olivia :) I too must say that I am so inspired by Rebecca for her spiritual strength in keeping up her modesty standards in public school! You go girl :D

    Blessings to you always, Olivia :)


  4. I am a friend of some friends of the Bontrager family singers. Small world.

  5. SAYNA!!! ANOTHER KIWI RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I thought I was the only kiwi who read this blog! Love your outfit! :D

  6. Wow awesome outfits! Good job girls!

  7. I can totally relate Rebecca! I am public schooled and I always feel like I have mounds homework!! It's hard to stay modest in school- especially in the summer. Thanks for sharing- you are truly an inspiration to me!
    Blessing to you all,

  8. You are gorgeous girls and your this post motivating me.

    God bless you darlings,
    Liuba G

  9. Is Chelsy a Bontrager? I've seen them before.

    1. Whoops, I just read the post more thoroughly.

  10. Kiwi number three...Any plans to export The Denim Skirt, Olivia? :)

    1. Hello! I honestly did not realize that there were other kiwis reading here. :D Are you from the North Island or the South Island?

    2. I guess that makes me Kiwi number 4! How fantastic that there are other girls down our part of the world that have an interest in Faith and Modesty!

  11. Lovely outfits! They're all so pretty...I can't choose a favourite! Keep up the good work!

  12. Love them all! Great ideas when it comes to putting outfits together. :)
    By the way Olivia, not sure if you did it on purpose or not, but where the date and time you posted something should be, all there is is the time: "By Olivia Howard on 2:17pm" So we can't see what date you posted something.
    Just thought you should know, if you didn't. :)

  13. Love all of these so much! I could see myself wearing every part of these outftits! I love Chels' skirt - I've had such a hard time finding knee-length things! The navy and khaki look so classy together!

  14. Everyone's outfits are so lovely! And kudos to Rebecca for dressing modestly in public school!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  15. That's so cool, Olivia (and friends)! Although my blog isn't necessarily focused on just clothing, I've contemplated sharing a few of my outfits on it. When you do your "friends of Fresh Modesty", what kind of outfits are you usually looking for? I'm not really a big skirt girl, so...

  16. Love these outfits and this post concept! Can't wait to see more. :)

  17. I love seeing the beautiful outfits, and learning about the lovely girls who wear them! A fun well-organized post.

  18. How do you send outfit entries to you?

  19. love Sayna's necklace.....I'm so in to charm necklaces and making my own.

    ~ Katy


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