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Summer of Dresses | Bridesmaid

Hey y'all! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments about the new blog look! Today I'm finishing up a series we did over the summer called "Summer of Dresses". I thought it would fit in the "Church Outfit" post since I did wear this dress to a church... just on a Friday instead of Sunday. ;) 
I mentioned this wedding weeks ago since it was such a huge part of my summer and I'm so happy to be able to finally share a few pictures with you! I picked out several that kind of allow you to see my dress. If you want to see more general wedding photos, you can visit the photographer Rachel's post on her blog

Hanging out and trying not to crack up while the bride and groom formals were taken. 
It was such a privilege and joy to be with Kaliste on her special day. 
 Kaliste had her dress made by a lady on eBay and then had it altered by a local seamstress. She also did some adjustments of her own like filling in the neckline and creating the bustle. All of us bridesmaids sewed our own dresses from the same fabric. She said to make them unique to us, so we put our own spin on the decoration of them. :)

I love these girls so much!
It was so much more enjoyable to spend the day in boots instead of high-heels, especially since it was a slightly chilly, drizzly day. We changed into silver heels for the more formal ceremony but then had the boots on the rest of the day! :)

 My lifelong friend and incredible photographer Rachel flew down to photograph the party. She made the whole process so much fun. :)

 LOVE the way the bouquets came out. Several of us got together and crafted them the day before. Kaliste has wonderful taste.

My dress decoration I chose was a small strand of silver sequins around my waist seam and a great big bow on the back of my dress, which you can see above. 
The fabric was Kaufman Essex linen blend in dusty blue. It was a dream to work with! We did have to iron our dresses before we walked down the isle since we had been driving around sitting on them all day. Ironing them while they were still on us was a hilarious endeavor!

They are a gorgeous couple.
The ceremony was at 4:30 with a barn reception shortly following at 6:30. Boy did we have fun!

Gotta love dances like the cupid shuffle! Bradley and Kaliste left at 9:30ish but we partied until after midnight and then had a "lets eat cereal and relax from the day" party following that. :P

I chose this picture not just because you can tell how much fun we were having, but also because you can see some of the variations in our dresses. :D Everyone did an amazing job on such a hectic schedule getting the sewing done!

Our moms surprised us and choreographed a dance to Footloose! They incorporated some hilarious inside jokes that had us unable to breath from laughing! (that miiight have just been me...) I found my mom's dress on ThredUP for her. :)

It's always enjoyable to do some dancing with my Daddy to the slower songs! When the music was upbeat, it was a blast to try some swing moves with a few of the groomsmen who got major points for enjoying themselves! I was sooo dizzy by the end of one of the dances because all we did was twirls! Kaliste made all of the bridesmaids matching jewelry which you can sort of see in this picture. It was so much fun to know there was a great big bow on my back all day and sequins never fail to make me smile. :D 

I am so happy for Bradley and Kaliste! I'm not sure the awesome level of their wedding will ever be topped. :D

I hope you enjoyed this last installment of Summer of Dresses! Did you have fun at any weddings this summer? Also, go like Rachel's photography Facebook page!


  1. I love your dresses!! They're so
    Modest and pretty. :-)
    ~Katie @

  2. What a beautiful wedding!! Looks like you all had such a great time - and those dresses are beautiful!

    - Melanie (

  3. So beautiful! That wedding looks simply amazing :) I love how the bride had you each customize your dress to fit your style. So cool!


  4. First off, I LOVE the new blog look! It looks so clean and professional!

    The wedding looks beautiful, what a fun time!

  5. How sweet! I just love weddings!

  6. Would love to see a post about what the bride's dress looked like before and how she altered it to be more modest.

    1. All she did was put a piece of lace in the neckline to bring it up a little. If you look closely in these pictures you can see it. :)

  7. What a wonderful day!
    The dresses are darling!! I absolutely love(d) the idea of 'the same fabric- different touches'! Your own touches and the girl who added the ruffles would have to be my faves. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this Olivia!


  8. Wow! Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I nearly laughed out loud trying to imagine my mom doing what yours did. :)
    All your dresses are gorgeous! Love the big bow on the back of yours.

  9. Aw! I love your dresses! Y'all did a great job! Looks like such a fun wedding too!

  10. Absolutely fantastic! Loved the dresses and headbands! The ceremony looked wonderful as well.

  11. OH my goodness, what a beautiful wedding! I always love bridesmaids in cowboy boots. And you all look like you had so much fun! I love the dancing pictures! They are indeed a gorgeous couple.

  12. The bridesmaid's dresses were very pretty!! The bride and groom look like such a happy couple. Her dress is GORGEOUS! I love lace dresses like her's!

  13. Enjoyed the wedding photos--looks beautiful and fun!

  14. Oh it looks likes so much fun! and so pretty! :)


  15. These are some of the best wedding photos I've ever seen. They are so natural and unposed looking. Just pictures of all the actual fun! I love the "moms' dance." And both of the photos of just the bride and groom are wonderful.

  16. Love the new blog look, Olivia!! I also LOVE the theme of this wedding! Your dress is really pretty! :)

  17. Looks like that was a fun wedding! I hope my wedding is that fun if I get married someday! :) What were some of the other dace names? (you mentioned the Cupid Shuffle) I really enjoy dancing!

    I also really like the modesty of the dresses....I wish more women (especially Christian ones) would wear modest bridal gowns.

    Oh, and by the way - great new blog look! It's professional looking and user-friendly!

    ~ Amy

  18. What are your thoughts/convictions on dancing? I'd love to hear. Thanks, Olivia!


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