Friday, November 7, 2014

Sponsors | October

Hey y'all! Wanted to share last month's sponsors with y'all real quick. I introduced you to most of these in September, but they are still providing awesome content and services and I want to remind you to check them out! :)

" is a one woman company from Texas that makes and sells one of the only high neck line camis on the market.  These high neck line camis fill the bill when other camis don't.  If you are tired of tugging at your cami, or if you tighten the straps so much that it rubs under your arms; this is the solution you have been searching for.  Two new modesty items will be introduced this year.  Modesty4Me camis are made in USA.

The online reviews speak for themselves.
"This from a customer in Kentucky: 'I looked at so many stores for camis that came up high enough to still cover things when I bend over, but to no avail. Luckily, I stumbled upon this website....and have never looked back! These are great: high quality, good fit, and perfect coverage. THANK YOU! Keep making these! I'll keep coming back for more! And more colors would be excellent!'

"Another customer in New Jersey wrote: 'Love these camis, there is no place else that I can find that makes a high neck cami. This is especially important because by the time I adjust the straps on a regular cami so that it covers my bra/chest, it's up in my armpits and that can be very irritating.'

"From Missouri, this: 'Excellent product. Better than expected. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.'

"These 5 star reviews are commonplace which makes a real winner."
You can read my review of Modesty4Me here.

"The Head Covering Movement is a campaign that seeks to spark a return to the practice of head covering during corporate Christian worship. We post articles, sermons and video teachings on this topic. We also link to discussions around the web where people are talking about head covering and share testimonies of women who practice this symbol. To learn more about HCM you visit us at or watch this video:

If you've been reading Fresh Modesty for any length of time, you know I am one of Halftee's biggest fans. They have completely changed the way I can layer to make things more modest and have greatly simplified my closet. I just clicked around the site a bit and a 10% off coupon popped up for me, so go check them out and get a discount! If you ever ask me a question about layering, my first response is going to be, "Well, do you have a Halftee yet?" ;)

Garlands of Grace, Handcrafted headcoverings, hair scarves, & accessories for women and girls! Our products are the results of  sisters who enjoy working together from home to provide quality, handcrafted items for the glory of the Lord. We are always busy inventing, renovating, and exploring to find new twists to put to old favorites.

"My name is Caitlin Baughman, and I am 22 years old. I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, and I'm a Homeschool graduate. I started blogging a couple years ago for fun, and now it’s become a passion of mine to reach out to people in need of some encouragement. I've been teaching Piano as a Home Business since I was 14, and continue to do so while studying to become a Labor Doula. I'm a stay-at-home daughter who loves her family, and loves to be the chauffeur to her siblings, for her mom. When I have free time I love to read, write, and learn about life. ​I love to sing, jog, knit, and blog. :)"

Joyfully His is in existence to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for young women. 
Our main goal is that you will be encouraged to serve God, your family and others to the best of your ability and through His grace and strength. We also want to motivate you to grow in your personal walk with the Lord Jesus.

Currently, we have posts on The Proverbs 31 Woman, quotes from Godly men and women, recipes, encouraging literature suggestions and lots more. Everything we post is designed to better equip you to be the woman or girl God wants you to be. So come on over, take a look around and be inspired to grow closer to your Creator and the family He specifically placed you in. We’d love to see you!

"My name is Tamar Landau, Fashion designer and owner of a classic modestwear label for women.
 My designs are modest and modern, perfect for  women who want to be modest yet classic on the same time. 
I sell my collection in designer boutiques, and on my Etsy store. {click here}

Both my grandmothers worked in art studios, they used to draw, and paint. I remember being 5 years old when I started looking through the fashion magazines at my grandmother's house in Jerusalem, since then I started to draw and design my own clothing line, and till this day I never stopped.

As a fashion designer I believe that the clothes are  the way to express yourself and show your personality, that’s why I put a strong emphasis on making the modest skirts, shirts and dresses for women who are religious and want to stay modest. 

believe my mission is: To design a collection that will be, Trendy and modest on the same time. 
Made of the best quality materials, specially for my lovely clients.

In the nearest future, I'm planing to add a modest bridesmaids line, and an accessories line. So there's a lot to come, and i'm very exited about the future of my label:))"

I’m Jennifer Reed, a mother, professional writer, soapmaker, and Beautycounter consultant! Beautycounter is a skincare line with high standards; in fact, Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 unsafe ingredients from their line, while creating luxury products that truly perform.  From my background in handcrafted soaps and body care, I learned that natural, non-toxic body care was better for my family’s overall health and well-being. I love Beautycounter because not only can I spread their mission – to get safe products into the hands of everyone – I can earn a little income, too. Thank you, Olivia, for featuring my Beautycounter business on Fresh Modesty!

Our Wood Home is a blog written by a young homemaker, for other young homemakers everywhere.  Christina became a wife and homeowner at the age of 22 and has blogged about topics such as appropriate outfit ideas for a married woman, easy recipes, the challenges of owning a home and what it is like to be the only married person in a family of divorce.  She also posts a weekly list of things she is thankful for in a feature called Thankful Thursday.    Christina believes recipes are guidelines and don't always need to be followed exactly, homes should be decorated with things you love, clothing should be comfortable first and stylish second and that God has a plan for our lives, even if we don't understand what it is.   The goal of Our Wood home is to serve as a source of inspiration and hopefully humor for other young homemakers.

Please show my sponsors some love and check out their sites! What sites are your favorites this month?


  1. Do you have a link for "Our Wood Home"? Thanks!

    1. Ah, thank you! I added all the links. :)

    2. My website is currently being updated but you can still view it .

  2. How cool! Hope to check out some of these websites sometime. I still haven't invested in a halftee yet! Looking forward to when I can finally afford one. Whenever I consider it, there always seems to be something more pressing to spend money on. :)
    Thanks for all your hard work Olivia! Blessings!

  3. Hi everyone! I have tried to find a group of Christian homeschooled girls who are probably in the age range of 20-25 to pop a question to. I couldn’t find one. Then I thought . . . what about Fresh Modesty? Hopefully you won’t think this is weird and random. I just wanted to ask a question to see what is the average answer a Christian homeschooled girl would give. Here’s the question:
    Okay, so there’s this guy. He goes to your church, is a strong Christian, you have known him for 2-4 years, and you’re good friends with his family and have talked to him before. He comes up to you and casually asks you out on a date. The date is very casual, a little activity like bowling or mini golf. What do you say?
    Please answer this question ONLY if you are a single girl that is 20-25 years old. Thank you! This will be a BIG help!


    1. Is this like a dating verses courtship question? Because in my mind interpersonal relationships are quite complicated and I would have a million and one questions, namely:
      First and foremost, on a spiritual level, do I feel at peace when I pray about beginning a relationship with this young man?
      Do I like him? Not just do I have butterflies, but do I like who he is and what he stands for?
      What does my family think about him?
      Where do I see myself in five years? From what I know about him and his personal goals, do our plans line up? Would I be able to pursue my goals with him? If not, would I be willing to lay aside my goals to help him pursue his? (If the answer to all of these questions is no, why waste either of your time?)
      What is his dating history like? (Does he have baggage? Would I just be another girl in an endless chain of girls he's dated?)
      Is he personally mature enough to stand on his own two feet without his mom and dad holding his hand? What about me? Am I in the same spot developmentally?
      Everyone's relationships are going to unfold differently, but I think boy girl relationships are complicated - and merit a bit of a complicated answer.
      (Lynn - 25, but 2 years married, sorry, was homeschooled though)

  4. Hi Olivia,
    My name is Kate. I'm new to this website and am very encouraged by it and your story. I go to a Reformed Presbyterian church in the OPC denomination and I am very curious about head covering during worship. What are your personal beliefs about it and do you cover your head in church?


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