Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sponsors | November

Hey y'all! I wanted to share the sponsors who have blessed Fresh Modesty this month! Make sure you read through to the bottom where I highlight some amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

"Kerem Creations offers unique Messianic Judaica made by Daniel Sayag, born and raised in Israel, and a lover and teacher of God's Word. Kerem Creations was born out of a love of the Word of God and working with wood. There is power in the Word of God, and many promises of hope and encouragement. As we surround ourselves and our loved ones with these promises, our spirits are uplifted, and we gain new strength. Kerem Creations is located in Israel, and all wood products are printed and/or engraved in Israel in Hebrew, sometimes combined with a second language.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any special verse that you would like engraved/printed for you or someone you would like to bless. 
Shalom from Israel!" 

"Hello again! Thank you to all the Fresh Modesty readers for their encouraging responses!

I tried to ignore my destiny, but God’s bigger than that. He’s also very patient and quietly shepherded me along until I finally got the message. Yep, so that’s why I made the decision to self-publish. Now that I’ve let go of my hoity-toity “I must do this the proper way” (said with a British accent) I realize that this is a much better fit – for me. Now that I’ve, ahem, got my act together, I’m really excited because this journey is bringing lots of amazing people on board. Suddenly, it’s not about me, it’s about God using me as a channel and that is AMAZING!

Deadly Puzzle will be releasing in the next few days (Lord willing) and I’m ecstatic to be finally sharing it with more people! A homeschooled heroine? Hmmm. “Denim jumpers and blood make her queasy, so how my very chic owner went from a homeschooled student to a detective bounty hunter is quite as much a mystery as the one she is solving.” I can’t wait for you to meet Audrey! Although, apparently Mr. Puddles is one of the most favorite characters.

I’m getting to “meet” so many nice Christian ladies on this writing journey – and that might just be my favorite part of publishing! (If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you sign up for the $25 Amazon gift card giveaway!)"

Skirted Blues is a sewing business dedicated to making stylish and modern jean skirts that are modest yet affordable. Our skirts are jeans or pants that have been transformed into skirts ( or "skirted"). Sizes range from infant to women's and can be custom ordered in any size, including maternity. We feature many different washes, fabrics and colors - including the ever popular camouflage! All designs are created and sewn by a homeschool mom of seven.

"The King's Blooming Rose" is a quarterly magazine that encourages girls to pursue modesty, purity, strong family relationships, and a deep walk with the Lord. Do you long to be a godly cornerstone in your home, but struggle with knowing how to become one? Do you ever feel alone in your walk with the Lord? KBR unites a community of young ladies from across the globe who have similar desires to serve the Lord and their families, while preparing to be godly homemakers. Join us today for only $12 a year!

"My name is Caitlin Baughman, and I am 22 years old. I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, and I'm a Homeschool graduate. I started blogging a couple years ago for fun, and now it’s become a passion of mine to reach out to people in need of some encouragement. I've been teaching Piano as a Home Business since I was 14, and continue to do so while studying to become a Labor Doula. I'm a stay-at-home daughter who loves her family, and loves to be the chauffeur to her siblings, for her mom. When I have free time I love to read, write, and learn about life. ​I love to sing, jog, knit, and blog. :)"

Handcrafted headcoverings, hair scarves, & accessories for women and girls! Our products are the results of sisters who enjoy working together from home to provide quality, handcrafted items for the glory of the Lord. We are always busy inventing, renovating, and exploring to find new twists to put to old favorites.

"The Head Covering Movement is a campaign that seeks to spark a return to the practice of head covering during corporate Christian worship. We post articles, sermons and video teachings on this topic. We also link to discussions around the web where people are talking about head covering and share testimonies of women who practice this symbol. To learn more about HCM you visit us at or watch this video: "

"Happy holidays! Enjoy our Free shipping worldwide! Enter the code - FREESHIPPING14 when checking out!!!! Here you can find modest fashion clothing for women – Dresses, Skirts, tops, headcoverings and headbands – all beautiful, stylish, romantic chic, suitable for everyday wear and special occasions." is a one woman company from Texas that makes and sells one of the only high neck line camis on the market. These high neck line camis fill the bill when other camis don't. If you are tired of tugging at your cami, or if you tighten the straps so much that it rubs under your arms; this is the solution you have been searching for. Two new modesty items will be introduced this year. Modesty4Me camis are made in USA.

You can read my review of Modesty4Me here.

Yay for sales! I am so excited because this means that you can get the amazing Halftee layering shirts for 30% cheaper! I am definitely taking advantage of this-- my mom and I are constantly fighting over who gets to wear which one! ;)

If, like me, you are trying to go for quality over quantity, I highly recommend shopping Hector and Lola's sale this weekend. Beautiful, beautiful pieces.

Y'all have an awesome day! Be on the lookout for a Cyber Monday sale from Fresh Modesty, too! ;)

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  1. All of these are awesome of course, but the new sponsors I noticed, Skirted Blue and Kerem Creations, seem like wonderful industries! Will have to check them out.


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