Monday, December 8, 2014

Reviews Needed!

Hey y'all! I am working on getting some hard copies of How To Sew Denim printed (hopefully in time for Christmas!) and need a few reviews for the back cover! Have you used How To Sew Denim? Please share your experience! If I use your review on the book, I'll send you a copy, for yourself or a friend! Thank you! You can comment here or email by noon, December 9th!


  1. Hello Olivia! I have used your ebook several times for skirts for myself and my mom. I love it! I have made two of the Errand 17 skirt and one of the Destination skirt, and am planning on making many more. The ebook is so easy to understand, and is easy to use. The pictures are really helpful too. You make putting in the pockets and the fly sooo much easier! This is an awesome ebook and the end result is so rewarding!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Olivia! Here is my review!

    This ebook pattern was so helpful! Finding that perfect denim skirt has been nearly impossible. . . until now! I made one of each of the skirts in the pattern and loved them both! They are now a featured part in my sisters and my wardrobe. The instructions were clearly laid out and the pictures were super helpful. I never thought installing a fly and pockets would be so easy! The helps in the beginning of the ebook about different denim weights and things were extremely helpful for someone like me who had never worked with denim before. And Once I got the my measurements correct, sewing up the skirts was a breeze!
    Take it from someone who used to be scared to death of sewing denim, This ebook is amazing!

    By His Grace,

  3. How exciting! I haven't purchased your e-book (yet!) , I'm not an experienced enough seamstress to be able to use it fully yet. Maybe someday!
    Hope everything goes well with this process! Blessings!

  4. This is a great ebook. Its easy to use and understand. I've made Errand 17 skirt for my self, and two of my friends, as well as the Destination skirt for myself and my two daughters (people are constantly asking us wear we got out skirts:)Thank you so much Olivia! I recommend your ebook to everyone!

  5. Thanks a lot Olivia! This is diffidently one of the best 'how to' sewing eBook's. The instructions are so easy! I have made both the Errand skirt 17 and the Destination skirt and I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully they turned out! Recommend to everyone! Thanks again! :)

  6. Olivia, I was wondering if you could do a post sometime in depth about why fashion and dressing nicely is important. I have always thought of "fashion" as somewhat of a vain thing, but after reading your blog, i know it can be a way to please the Lord, I just don't fully understand it all. I've heard you mention that how you look is representing God/your family.. could you explain? Does dressing nice give you confidence, or is that kind of part of the vain side?
    btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You have been such an inspiration to me. :)

  7. Okay I have question that is completely unrelated to this post (sorry��) but do you think that jeans are completely immodest?

    Merry Christmas! Oh just forget the Figgy Pudding...��


  8. Hey Olivia!

    Quick question.... I don't know if you've gotten enough reviews for a hard copy.. but my sister gave me a certificate for this book. I was just curious if the hard copy WAS coming out or no? If so, I'd like to wait to order that one. If not, I'll go ahead and get an ebook! =)

    1. Hey! I'm hoping to have the hard copy out by February. I'm not sure if that's too long for you or not. :) Thanks!


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