Wednesday, June 10, 2015

$20 Modest Outfit Challege

Hey y'all! I hope you've had a wonderful week. Today I'm sharing an outfit I bought for under $20 as part of's challenge!

My sister and I hit Our Thrift Store in Franklin, TN between doctors appointments last week and boy did we score some great pieces! 


While buying them, I didn't expect to wear these two pieces together, but when I went to my closet to find something for this challenge these this shirt and skirt jumped together and I had an outfit in literally 3.5 minutes. 

Although I think lace is super pretty, a lot of these "lace-backed" jackets/shirts I see are super awkward when layered to be modest, so I stay away from them... or I did, until I found this one! The crochet design is tight enough to be modest, but pretty enough to make a gorgeous statement. 

// outfit details //
Wet Seal brand shirt: $4 
Abercrombie and Fitch brand skirt: $3
Forever 21 tank: $1.80
B.O.C. brand sandals from ThredUP: $7.99
Earrings from Walmart (3-pack): $3
Necklace was my great grandmother's.

Grand Total: $19.79

 Thank you, Ashley, for this awesome challenge! It was fun to pull together an outfit and remind myself it's totally possible to be covered, cute, and cost-effective! :)

 photo 20.jpg

How bout y'all? If you had to take a rough guess, what do you think the average total per outfit you wear would be?


  1. Op (thrift)-shopping is so much fun! I've put together a few lovely outfits for under $20 on my op-shopping adventures :)

  2. This looks like a such great outfit. love the colours.


  3. The lace on the back of that top really is perfect - a good detail without skin really showing through. A really good find!

    My outfits would definitely be pricier - I have a really hard time finding thrift-store or cheap jeans that fit so I have to kind of invest in pricier jeans... and then I just wear them nonstop. So my outfit cost would be like 2/3 jeans and 1/3 every other thing I'm wearing.

  4. I'm going to go with probably ten dollars at most! Everything I wear (except for maybe two pieces) is from the thrift store! It's awesome! I like the outfit! You're always so pretty :)

  5. My average total per outfit I wear normally is probably around $50-60. I spend about $30 on jeans (or $15ish on skirts), then add in a $10-$15 top and some $20-$30 shoes, and there you go. I get lots of use out of my clothes though, so the numbers aren't really as high as they sound! I haven't bought new jeans in probably 3 years! I do buy inexpensive clothes and shoes at the end of a season, but I don't really count those into this average because let's face it, $5 boots are out of the norm!

  6. My outfits are normally $20 or less. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores so that helps keep my apparel on a budget. Beautiful outfit! Thanks for posting. I always look forward to the next post.

  7. That's such a pretty shirt! I'd say my casual outfits are around $20, but my fancier ones are a little pricier.

  8. I would guess around 10, if I wear jewelry then 15. (Shoes not included! Typically I buy $10-20 shoes, but they last a couple years)

  9. Cute shirt! I love it :)

  10. What a fun challenge!
    My outfits are typically well under $20, most of the time. Except lately my feet have been finicky and I've had to start buying more expensive shoes.
    Oh well!
    You look beautiful, Olivia.
    A modest fashion blog:

    1. Hey Natasha!

      I tried to go to your blog but it said that blog didnt exist...???

    2. I think she meant


  11. I LOVE this outfit!! The shirt is so cute!
    My average cost per outfit is probably about $18 to $20.
    This is such a neat challenge. Great post. :-)

    -Alice Wright

  12. The average cost of most of my outfits (top, pants/skirt, and sometimes shoes) is probably 5 dollars! We shop the dollar rack at goodwill all the time :-)

    I love your outfit! The design on the back is so beautiful, yet still modest. And a skirt like that is now on my to-buy or to-make list.

  13. Cool!

    I keep most of my outfits at 20$... mostly :) I love our thrift shop, once I got three really nice skirts, three very nice sweaters and two little outfits for my little brother, Grand Total: $21.63


  14. Super cute outfit! Love the lace back!


  15. I am the same Anonymous that replied most recently to the Coral + White outfit. My name is Annalise Ikeler. That's a really cool challenge; it must have been really fun. I especially love your shoes in that outfit -- I love sandals but I have way too many shoes right now! Yes, I also do a lot of thrift shopping which I really like, because I always seem to find so many awesome clothes that I love! And isn't it great when you buy something at a thrift store then take it home and realize it matches perfectly with something else you have? I think my average outfit costs from $15 to $30 or so. But like I said, I love to sew too, and just yesterday I wore a beautiful sundress I had made last year but only got to wear once. It fits absolutely perfectly, and I got a lot of comments on it yesterday! I want to make another one like it soon. Anyway, you look great like always! (By the way I really liked your Study Your Face series; it really helped me a lot. Maybe you can do another one like that again soon?:)

  16. My sisters and I get A LOT of hand-me-downs (which we love!) from our friends. Almost all the rest of our clothes come from Plato's Closet! So nearly all of my outfits cost less than $20! Yesterday's church outfit (which I got a lot of compliments on) was probably only around $10!

  17. Such a fun and feminine outfit. You look beautiful! : )

  18. Hey, Olivia! I was looking at your pictures, and I noted you have very well toned arms! (Forgive me if this is in any way offensive, weird, or irrelevant.) If you do any workouts, mind sharing them? Thanks!

    -Jazzy ( )


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