Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Trends | Day Two

Hey y'all! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Today for #AutumnTrendsBF I'm wearing a 1970's inspired drop-waist dress that I made while testing out patterns for Camp Stitches

There are so many things I want to say about this dress. It encompasses so many aspects of that identity crisis I've been hinting at in my last few posts. ;)

  •  It's handmade to fit me perfectly. Well-tailored clothing has something about it that just makes my heart sing. 
  • It's made from vintage thrift store fabric. Win with the eco-friendly + win with the price. 
  • It's navy blue and gold, my favorite (and most flattering) colors to wear. 
  • It's kind of an upholstery-brocade-inspired print that I've been finding great happy depth to lately. 
  • It's a very classic silhouette and has the longer sleeve length I've been trying to migrate to in my wardrobe as I "grow up". 
  • It's washable and doesn't need ironed. 
  • It's ridiculously versatile. I've worn it three times so far-- once with black boots, once with a green cloche, brown "vintage" shoes, and a green scarf for a WWII look, and then today as you see (with a denim jacket in the air conditioning). 
  • I top-stitched all the seams, which reminds me of quality clothing and makes me super happy. 
I used Simplicity 1103 for a pattern and adjusted the front and back necklines to meet my modesty standards. I really wish I had a term for the type of fabric I used because I want to search for more. This was 60" wide and I got the whole dress from just one yard. 

My beret is from Target a few years ago and the Jessica Simpson brand gold heels I bought at Goodwill last Saturday for $2.50. woooooot! Nails are Butter LONDON "Queen Vic" shade and my bracelet was my grandmother's. 

It's so funny how elated a piece of clothing can make us sometimes, isn't it? Have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit Ashley's Day Two post for more autumn fun! :)


  1. Olivia what a perfect dress you made. It truly looks so very feminine and fits you with grace and style. The beret brings the gold out in your dress and ties in with your shoes so nicely. I think the dress is exquisite and really flatters you. You look so pretty and happy.
    Blessings, Stephanie Means

  2. I love your dress!!! Very nice. :)

  3. I love this!! I think I need to come to camp stitches next time! ;) I can sew, but this type of project is just beyond me...

  4. LOVE the dress Olivia! Was it hard to change the neckline? I am looking for a Christmas dress (little early :) and I have wonder if my Mom would be able to do it. Also was it an easy pattern? How long did it take?
    Sorry that's a lot of questions :)
    ~Mary Anne

  5. Wow, that is awesome that the fabric was so wide so you only needed a yard! Super cool. I am pretty much in love with that dress, it looks totally awesome on you!!!!! The colors are so perfect for autumn, too!

  6. This dress is absolutely lovely, Olivia! I love the fabric pattern, and your top stitching does add that perfect tailored look. It's so flattering and beautiful on you.

    I am wondering if you could film a tutorial at some point on how you curl your hair? (Or maybe you already have and I missed it.) Anyway, it always looks lovely, and I would love to see your technique.

    1. Becca, Olivia has a lot of great tutorials on her YouTube page :)

  7. You should post how to walk in heels. lol! Love that dress!!

  8. I like how the thicker material lays and how it doesn't need to be ironed, wow! And the hat is super cute. :)

  9. So pretty, Olivia. You should start posting on Eager Hands again! I had noticed lots of drop waist dresses on your Pinterest boards lately- the style is so classic and feminine.

  10. What a great dress! It looks good on you. :D I also like your beret <3.

  11. Wow thats a beautiful dress! Its so feminine! I love it want one so bad! Love the post Olivia!

    In Christ

  12. I know that dress! The curtain dress. ;) While I wasn't crazy about it on myself, it looks simply beautiful on you!

  13. Olivia,
    Beautiful outfit, as always!!! So stylish. And I can't believe you can sew so well! I've read your blog for a while now and always leave so inspired. God bless!


    PS: Will you be selling the Destination skirt anytime in the future from Fresh Apparel? If you did I would totally buy it! (I like that style of denim skirt better than Errand #17 on me.)

  14. Such a lovely dress! Even though I tend to shy away from (or rather, run for my life in the opposite direction of ;) ) 70's style, there is something so beautifully classic about this dress that I just adore. I think the feminine fabric has something to do with it? I also think you should definitely include that sleeve length in your wardrobe more as you said, it's perfect on you! And I also love how the beret pulls the print from your dress. I would wear this in a heartbeat!
    I didn't get a chance to comment on your last few posts, so I thought I'd mention that I loved your first autumn trends outfit too! You pulled off corduroys so beautifully, and that tan and black polka-dot tunic is perfection. Also, Camp Stitches looked like a huge success! Everyone seemed like they had a lot of fun. :)
    Beautiful as always, Olivia!
    Joyfully His,

  15. Love the outfit! You should do a post on what kind of fabric you use to sew dresses, skirts and shirts. I would like to know what kind of fabric your dress is made off. It looks like really good quality fabric. God Bless.

  16. Your dress is so flattering on you! I love how you can make your own clothes to fit yourself perfectly, rather than buying them at a store and paying extra. : ) Beret and heels are adorable!

  17. Okay, so, I REALLY love this dress!!! The fabric is so adorable!

  18. You look beautiful in that dress Olivia. Absolutely beautiful!

  19. I. Love. That. Dress.

    I am just trying to figure out how to make it breastfeeding friendly...

  20. That dress looks absolutely splendid on you Olivia! I know what you mean about sewing projects that make you happy. :D
    I think this is one of my favorite outfits you have worn on the blog! And I love the touch of the beret. :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  21. I love it! You have such cute ensembles!

  22. It's very cute and looks very well made.

  23. Wow, I totally see why you love this so much -- it's absolutely stunning! I love seeing the detail.

  24. Are heels modest? They accentuate the calves and make the rear-end more prominent.

  25. This is a beautiful rendition of the 1103 Simplicity pattern, definitely the best one I've seen yet and it really suits you! I'd also really love to know what this type of fabric is called, so if you ever find out, please share with us - I see from other comments I'm not the only one that would appreciate it :)


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